Wy’east Oregon Gardens is a cannabis cultivation and processing facility located in Portland, Oregon. Since 2015, our team has strived to create the highest quality single source products for the Oregon recreational market, with a focus on consistency and purity.  Every one of our products begin their life in the garden and are cared for by a team of knowledgeable and passionate individuals who are dedicated to plant.

Creating an Efficient Future

Given the high energy demands required to produce cannabis indoors, we partnered with Energy Trust of Oregon to design and source components that put the environment first.  From our world class HVAC system, to our LED lighting, our facility is one of the most efficient indoor cannabis operations in North America.

The Legend of Wy’east

The name Wy’east comes from an ancient story told by Multnomah Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest.  As legend has it, the great chief Tyee Sahale granted an old wrinkled woman, Loowit, a wish to become young and beautiful.  Word quickly spread of Loowit’s newfound beauty which captured the interest of chief Sahale’s two sons, Klickitat and Wy’east.  When the two sons arrived they both fell in love with Loowit, but she was unable to choose between them. A massive fight between the brothers ensued, causing massive destruction and angering their father.  As punishment, chief Sahale enstoned each of the three lovers into mountains, Looowit became Mt. St. Helens, Klickitat turned into Mt. Adams and Wy’east is now Mt. Hood.